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Schedule cleaner
the problem

Some of the major concerns when sharing P6 schedule data as XER or XML files with different project stakeholders are:

  • Revealing sensitive or confidential project data within the schedule.
  • Redundant and repetitive steps when data is removed or modified manually.
  • Possible loss of information when modifying project files.
  • Pollution of database with unwanted data during schedule imports.
the solution

ScheduleCleanerTM is a desktop application, which allows project schedulers, planners, managers, and other users to remove, convert or anonymize sensitive data within XER and XML project files exported from the Oracle® Primavera P6 software. The application plays a key security filter role in preparing a project file to be shared with internal/external stakeholders or imported into a P6 database.

While modifying schedule data, ScheduleCleaner will not change the original project plan that is exported from a Primavera P6 database. Instead, the application will make a copy of the original schedule and all modifications that are done will be saved in the new file.

the benefits

1On time, personalised information.

2Project data security and integrity.

3Save time with process automation.

4Keep a clean database.

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