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Case study: VERITAS for Army HQ
data insight

We worked alongside Army HQ, Defence Equipment & Support (DE&S) and key supply chain partners to develop a bespoke, data-driven activity planning and forecasting application.

To maximise operational and cost efficiency, Army HQ needed to rationalise and exploit highly fragmented data resources within a complex and diverse supply chain.

VERITAS – a bespoke application that integrates multiple enterprise data streams to create customised workspaces for key business processes. VERITAS provides a lens through which the user can compare multiple information sources and derive unique data insights.

The successful delivery of VERITAS demonstrated our capability to deploy complex technological solutions in sensitive government environments. Confident of our ability to deliver exactly what it promised, Army HQ has since requested further modules.

“VERITAS is an incredibly powerful tool and has significant potential to improve both our inventory and fleet management”
Mark Jenkins, Head of Business Improvement,
Army HQ

Mark Jenkins
Army HQ
Head of Business Transformation

“Techmodal have been an asset to Army HQ over the last few years. VERITAS is an incredibly powerful tool and has significant potential to improve both our inventory and fleet management. We’re very happy to be working with Techmodal again and look forward to what the next few years will bring”

The challenge

Army HQ, Andover is home to the British Army, one of the most highly regarded and best equipped forces in the world. Its achievements are measured through the actions of its people, supported by the best equipment and services for its operations. In 2012 Army HQ began an extensive review of the purchase and support services provided to it by Defence Equipment and Support (DE&S), an arms-length trading body of the Ministry of Defence. Army HQ identified that significant operational and cost efficiencies could be achieved but only through root and branch technological change.

The Support Directorate of Army HQ invited tenders from companies who could meet the challenge. Our data-focused support capability and commercial insight  secured the deal.

VERITAS has transformed the way Army HQ works with DE&S and its supply chain. By centralising and sharing business-critical analytics and forecasting data, Army HQ has made significant savings across its Support operations.

Since the launch of VERITAS, we have provided Army HQ with ongoing development support, while Army HQ’s own system and support teams have enjoyed a new level of self-sufficiency we provided a dedicated support desk function, user guides and an in-built interactive help tool, plus training products to enable staff to learn at their own pace within the organisation.

VERITAS provides Army HQ with clear insight into its supply chain planning, transforming its decision-making and encouraging a culture of transparency. The application enables the client to exploit and interrogate a vast set of raw data from corporate MoD sources, using interactive dashboards, filterable charts, maps and reports.

Army HQ and DE&S now have an integrated digital solution to the management of their Command Acquisition Support Plan (CASP) relationship, allowing regular monitoring of DE&S performance against specific metrics for each Operating Centre.

the solution

VERITAS supports the Army in generating a forecast of planned training and operation activity, driven by the Front Line Army units and locations of activity. This includes various forms of inventory, across vehicle equipment and parts, commodities such as rations and fuel, and the global ammunition stockpile.

VERITAS converts this activity into a fully costed plan for DE&S, providing coherence in the Army-DE&S relationship and producing a forecast of equipment procurement and repair, underpinned by VERITAS’ granular financial analysis and forecasting module.

VERITAS allows Army to monitor the quantity and cost of consumption at Front Line units to understand forecast accuracy and trends of reliability. This feeds into Army fleet (Land, Air and Maritime vehicles) management and decision support for improving reliability and availability of equipment.

Throughout, VERITAS provides a wrapper of broad and deep performance monitoring, bringing together Army, DE&S and Industry KPIs and allowing Army to hold its suppliers to account on critical performance elements.

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