Innovative data driven solutions.

For 15 years we have harnessed our client’s data to improve organisational efficiency, identify cost savings and increase operational capacity.
Our teams provide support to the highest levels of UK Front Line Commands and the Ministry of Defence where we are helping transform the way UK defence does business.

What we do

We find the opportunities hidden in your data

The answer to our customers’ challenges often lie within the data they already hold, but don’t have the time or expertise to find. We use innovative technologies to uncover the information they need to make positive, lasting change.

Using a rapid, agile process

As an enthusiastic team of market experts, data scientists, consultants and systems analysts we have a shared commitment to fast and jargon-free delivery; thriving on ingenuity to solve our customers’ challenges.

What we deliver

Agile process.
Accurate results.
Actionable insight.

We may be specialists in Defence, but we pride ourselves on being supply chain experts who can apply our years of experience across a variety of industries.


Our case studies

Trusted by the UK Government to deliver

Our focus is always on delivery to save our customers time, money and resource; and our results have earned us a reputation as a trusted partner across the UK government.


Identified Savings




data feeds integrated



Identified savings




data feeds integrated

We hire the best and
brightest in the market

We like to uncover the one piece of data from the masses that provides
truly useful insight, and our recruitment is no different. Whether you’re a
graduate or experienced professional, we’re always looking for the
originals amongst the crowd.

Discover what your data
can really do
for you.