About Techmodal

We don’t meet expectations,
we exceed them

Who we are

We’re a UK based consultancy and technology company founded by PhD students Martin Jonik and David Evans in 2005.

As an enthusiastic team of over 100 market experts, data scientists, consultants and systems analysts, we thrive on ingenuity to solve complex problems.

Our shared commitment for rapid, agile and jargon-free delivery, has ensured our position as a trusted partner within the Defence, Commercial and Public Sectors for over 15 years.

What we do

At Techmodal we analyse customer data differently, uncovering new and valuable insights to support critical business decisions.

We have discovered that the answer to a customer’s business problem often lies within the data they already hold, but they lack the time and experience to unlock it. Our teams use ingenuity and innovative technology to uncover the data needed to drive lasting organisational change.

Why we’re different

Because of us Army HQ are able to accurately plan what equipment will be needed in the field, forecast the cost and determine when spare parts will be required; General Dynamics can receive live data from military vehicles to determine vehicle health and the Royal Navy now have immediate oversight of potential savings in excess of £100m. 

Our years of experience in Defence has ensured we are experts in Defence data. This means we can be quicker and more agile than our competitors across the Defence, Commercial and Public Sectors. 

It’s not just our work that sets us apart, our people do too. We believe in order to thrive, we need our people to be happy, well-rounded and engaged. We actively encourage our employees to find shared interests and participate in activities together both in and out the office. This has created a strong team spirit and a culture of collaboration and fun that ensures we always get the best from our people.

Who we work with

As a trusted MOD partner, we generate proven results in the most high-profile organisations across the Defence, Commercial and Public Sector industries.

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