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Case study: Finance diagnostic for a Front Line Command
£100m in identified savings
Senior Client
A Front Line Command

Techmodal have delivered over £100m of cost reduction in FY18/19 far exceeding the target of £30m.

We delivered a bespoke data analysis solution for a Front Line Command that transformed its financial reporting capabilities. A powerful suite of dashboard tools underpins their financial decision-making.

Our client needed a strategic data-driven approach to working across its financial space. They needed a way to challenge and validate their committed fixed cost base and optimise the allocation of uncommited project funds.

We carried out a diagnostic of the client’s financial reporting processes across all spend categories and created a robust data entry toolset and an integrated suite of dashboards to allow for financial analysis and forecasting.

Our solution redefines how the the client works with their critical financial data, with actionable insight given the highest priority. In Phase 1 of the contract we identified £100m cost and efficiency savings.

“The most impressive financial analysis… in a generation ”
Senior Client, A Front Line Command

A Bespoke solution

Process optimisation

System transparency

Digital leadership

The challenge

In February 2018 the client issued a calling notice for an independent supplier to carry out a diagnostic of its planned expenditure and overall cost coherence strategy. With over 15 years of cost modelling expertise in Defence, we were their first choice.

Their spend on average was £6bn every year, 70% of which is known as ‘committed spend’. We were tasked with looking at the remaining 30% of ‘uncommitted’ spend – the part of the client’s budget which could be reprioritised. The target was a saving of around £30 million.

We proposed new tools that would enable the client’s Capability Delivery Teams and HQ Resource Planning to pinpoint contract and task-level spend to enable the reprioritisation of the most appropriate candidates.

1We sourced and collated  information in various formats from stakeholders then migrated it to a standard structured data set.

2We adapted our proven excel-based Cost Coherence tool to develop a bespoke version for the client.

3The client decided to replicate the tool to facilitate future data-driven decisions within its Equipment Programme 10-year forecast.

4It was a natural step forward to extend the development into the organisation’s Annual Budget Cycle  which covers a 10 year spend period.

the solution

Phase 1 identified cost reductions of £100m.

Phase 2 gave tools to analyse spend & gain granular insight.

Phase 3 saw us replicate the tool for a 10-year forecast.

Phase 4 provided support to enable a sustainable solution.

Phase 5 gave a ‘single source of truth’ dashboard.

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