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We believe in the importance of ensuring that organisations like ours use technology in a way that helps create a level playing field for people with disabilities. Having a work culture that means our clients, colleagues and partner representatives with disabilities are part of an inclusive work community includes providing access to technologies that meet their needs.

To support this, we make every effort to make as accessible as possible. We use the World Wide Web Consortium’s Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 as our guide for site standards, and aim for to meet Level AA standards, WCAG’s recommended level of conformance for entire sites.

We have considered the WCAG 2.1 Level AA guidelines in building our platform and pages. We used this guidance in implementing the following:

  • The design of our site templates was implemented to emphasise colour contrast, intuitive heading order, and configurable repeated elements.
  • Templates are coded to ensure the usability of pages, regardless of what input and output device is being used, so that components such as keyboard navigation and screen readers will work meaningfully with the content.
  • We made sure that all non-textual elements would have a text equivalent (such as “alt text” for images or transcripts for videos).

We use methods such as browser plug-ins, external vendor assessments, and individual page testing to measure accessibility of the site on a regular basis. We have adopted a continuous approach in order to maintain accessibility will be maintained over time as guidelines change and technologies evolve. We consider that our overall site and platform meets the requirements for Level AA conformance; however we acknowledge the possibility that there may be accessibility errors in some pages. If you identify errors, or would like to make a suggestion for improving the accessibility of our site, please contact us at

Our aim is not only to make sure that the pages of are designed with the intention of being accessible.  Our ethos is that everyday technology and content design should always facilitate accessibility. We want a work culture which is inclusive, whether for clients, colleagues or industry partners, in which everyone feels that they belong, personally and professionally, and contribute to a culture of equality. Removing both the visible and invisible barriers for anyone who has a disability, in order to provide a level platform for everyone, is important to us in our efforts to achieve inclusivity and equality. We will continue to strive for these goals in everything that we do. 

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