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Case study: Force Capability Science (FCS) for the Ministry of Defence
maximising global
surge capacity

We created the Joint Force Capability Science (FCS) application to enable the MOD to analyse and maximise the effectiveness of its global surge capability.

The MOD needed a reliable and robust solution that could articulate the impact of changes to its defence policy, and identify the scale of realisable benefits.

FCS – a flexible and intuitive data-driven modelling tool designed to address complex costing and support decisions taken by Defence.

The FCS solution demonstrates our capability to deploy complex technological solutions at pace in sensitive government environments.

The challenge

For the Ministry of Defence (MOD), access to clear and insightful data underpins the success of its operations. Faced with articulating the impact of new changes to its defence policy, as well as identifying the scale of realisable benefits, Defence sought a robust data-driven solution.  As a trusted working partner with the MOD, we could embed quickly with Defence and hit the ground running.

We worked alongside Defence, to identify and deliver a sustainable and flexible solution known as the Force Capability Science (FCS).  An advanced modelling tool that enables sensitivity analysis around key assumptions and data inputs for multiple operational scenarios. For Defence, FCS would be deployed to address the organisation’s ability to sustain future surge activity, providing rapid analysis of the costs, risks, and support arrangements for single or concurrent joint operations.

1We clarified the Defence Support value proposition to the UK Government’s 2018 Modernising Defence Programme (MDP).

2We articulated the ability of Defence to deliver operational effect against future contingent operations.

3We identified benefits of additive manufacturing on operational efficiency and effectiveness.

the solution

The FCS tool provided Defence with a detailed estimate of the consumption of commodities and materiel over time. This estimate was based on the extrapolated analysis of historic consumption rates articulated in VERITAS, our bespoke planning and forecasting application.

The consumption profile was then compared to current inventory holdings compiled from multiple disparate data systems, to identify any stockpile shortfalls. The client was able to identify long lead time items which would need to be stockpiled ahead of a political decision to deploy, and those which could be procured during the operation. 

Map-based interface

A map based interface to define and visualise supply lines. 

Intuitive design

View the impact of underlying assumptions on a dashboard.

Insightful data

Estimate of the consumption of commodities and materiel.

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