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Case study: People planning for workforce management
simplified digital processes

We delivered a bespoke solution to help a Front Line Command understand how to meet its challenging commitments by harnessing its greatest resource – its people. 

To develop a digital solution that could leverage the wealth of the client’s data stored within their personnel database and integrate the results into the client’s Human Resource processes.

The People Power Planning (P3) suite of applications – providing powerful and new insight into personnel data with the capability to make critical evidence-based deployment decisions.

The client now has the capability and to meet its global commitments more effectively than ever before. Managers are empowered by insightful data and simplified processes that make information more accessible.

“The most significant data-enabled conversation we’ve ever had”
– Appreciative client

Reduced risk

Increased capacity

Increased pace

Increased retention

the challenge

For the client, insightful people management is key to success. Every day, they make complex, far-reaching decisions that empower their 30,000 strong workforce to meet diverse and challenging commitments. Now, in an era of rapid change and evolving capabilities, they need more than ever to understand how to build, retain and grow an empowered workforce. The key to this understanding lies in data.

The focus for the project was the client personnel data held in the Personnel Administration (PA) database. We were was tasked with developing a digital solution that could leverage the wealth of personnel data stored within this database and integrate the results into the client’s Human Resource processes. Our Agile approach and track record of delivering disruptive change for the client ensured that it hit the ground running and was delivering value from the start.

1We developed simplified digitised processes to make information more accessible for the client 

2We ensured that we had a 360-degree understanding of requirements, with data as the catalyst

3Our solution provided support for the client to make better decisions to enhance operational cabaility 

4We left the client confident in its ability to meet major global commitments with its new sustainable solution

the solution

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