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Increasing capability through better understanding. Techmodal Product Suite enables large and complex organisations to make informed decisions about ‘the now’ and to plan better for the future. By uncovering information in your data, the suite unlocks its value and opens the door to advanced analytics, automation and AI.  Our suite will enable you to identify and address the factors limiting your ability to project capability, and allow you to predict and optimise potential outcomes. 

We are a proven partner specialising in products and techniques that sustainably identify cost and increase capability across organisations and through the life of a platform or platforms. Techmodal Product Suite increases availability, sustainability and transforms capability. 

outcomes delivered at pace
Uncovering your need
- 3 months
Data Discovery
- 9 months
Proof of concept
+ months

An effective national Defence sector is vital to national security and must have the necessary capability available at appropriate readiness. This is Defence’s continual challenge, how to balance capability, cost and risk. Defence must deliver the necessary capability, now and in the future, within the available funding when any constraint on capability will introduce risks, to Defences ability or its people. 

Our Techmodal suite of applications enables those charged with delivering Defence capability to model every aspect of the force, understand the trade-offs between capability, cost and risk, and design the optimal force structure. But even if cost is not a constraint, there is another dimension – time. Industry lead times constrain how quickly capabilities are available, and in what timescale. Our Techmodal suite enables this temporal aspect to be understood fully. 


Application of data modelling, prediction and visualisation techniques to deliver rapid answers to ever-changing question sets. 

the benefits

increase capability 

Bridges the gap between organisations, their people and their clients by centralising and sharing data.


Gives a 360° view of your capability, risks and costs to enable you to make the most cost efficient decisions for your organisation.

insightful decision making

Our Accurate and Actionable Insights enhances our customer's confidence in their decision making.

greater forecasting

Enables organisations to forecast operations effectively across demand, supply and risk, by exploiting leading edge data science.


Provides a robust scenario modelling capability enabling organisations to quickly assess the impact of decision-making.

Greater staff autonomy

Provides a dedicated support desk function, user guides and an in-built interactive help tool to enable staff to learn.

General Paul Jacques
UK Army HQ
Director Support

“Through VERITAS (UK Army HQ Case Study for Techmodal: Equipment and Materiel) the Army is far better informed on the importance of its equipment and what activity consumes and costs, leading to cost savings and better informed operational and resource planning.”

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We work quickly to establish a highly capable team focused on delivering robust, sustainable and secure products. We refine these products to meet your precise requirements, and drive continuously to deliver rapid, tangible benefits.

Our Techmodal suite demonstrates our capability to deploy complex technological products within secure environments, working with sensitive data.

With its unparalleled data insight, the suite enables availability, sustainability, and greatly increased capability. It’s the next step in the Techmodal journey. Make it yours. Take a look at how we have successfully deployed Techmodal Product Suite for our customers.

case studies
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Case Study – People Power Planning
Case Study – VERITAS in action
Case Study – Force Capability Science
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