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safran risk
the problem

Complex project management has evolved. To combine cost and schedule risk harmoniously, you need a variety of disparate tools – likely having to transfer schedules and data between them to analyse and present schedule impact and final forecasts. This method impacts the integrity of any analysis – risking inaccuracies and often leading to more severe consequences such as cost over-runs and uncontrolled risks – and it’s actually very hard to achieve fully integrated and coordinated analysis. 


the solution

Designed by the project risk experts that brought Pertmaster™ to market, Safran Risk seamlessly combines advanced project schedule duration and cost risk analysis for ultimate analysis integrity. Safran has a full range of risk features – from maintaining a simple list of risks in a spreadsheet to performing a detailed quantitative risk analysis, for both schedule risk and cost risk.


Schedule risk and cost analysis together.


Powerful integrated analysis.


Significant time and cost savings.

the benefits

1Ability to conduct risk analysis across every different phase of the project lifecycle. 

2A single, consistent set of shared views that enables all stakeholders to better manage risk through integrated cost & schedule analysis. 

3Improved project management principles, with the ability to perform lessons-learned activities by comparing assumptions to project realities. 

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