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the problem

One of the key disciplines across the world is project scheduling, with many different applications available to perform this task, but often overlooked is the discipline of risk management. Project overrun in cost and time can often be attributed to a lack of in-depth analysis. What is the likelihood of specific dates and costs being met is a common question, but one that can be hard to answer.

the solution

Every project has risks. The organisations that succeed are the ones that plan for those risks—anticipating, mitigating, and providing response and contingency plans for negative events that may or may not occur. Oracle’s Primavera Risk Analysis software provides the tools for doing just this, enabling companies to model risks and analyse the cost and schedule impacts of mitigating them—and, in the process, taking much of the uncertainty out of project and portfolio management. 


A full lifecycle risk analytics solution.


Determine confidence levels for project success.


Integration with Primavera P6, Deltek and Microsoft Project.

the benefits

1Integrate directly with project schedules and costs.

2Provide a comprehensive means of reporting project confidence levels.

3Provide techniques for determining contingency and risk response plans. 

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