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Whitepaper: how to unlock the benefits of
data centralisation

We can’t underestimate the challenges faced by the Land domain in 2023. The crisis in Ukraine has thrown into sharp relief the need for UK Land equipment to be available, ready and reliable. How do the Army and its partners tackle these challenges? With two components: people, and data – and you can’t consider one without the other.

The importance of data is recognised. The money is there. So what’s missing? For the Land domain, we can boil it down to four key tenets that will help achieve effective and sustainable exploitation of data as an asset. Download the latest whitepaper from our Head of Technology, John Dunn, to discover how to unlock the benefits of data centralisation. 

Download our latest whitepaper to discover:

  •  How to achieve data empowerment
  •  How to decide on the right technology to improve your data
  • How to use process automation
  •  Why starting small is key
About the author

John Dunn is Head of Technology at Techmodal, overseeing technical delivery teams across Data Engineering, Low Code and Technology Consulting. He has a broad range of experience in the technology, software and UK Defence industries, and has worked closely for several years with the Army, DE&S Land domain, and Tier 1 industry partners. He has led delivery of software into complex Defence operating environments, digitising, improving and automating critical processes that keep the Army moving.

download the whitepaper

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