July 19, 2019

Here's what 'innovation' really means

Following an exceptional launch last summer, our Accelerator Programme has reopened for applications once again. We’re really excited to explore great ideas to help invest and develop local early stage start-ups.

In 2018 we set out to expand our offering via a new initiative, the Accelerator Programme. The idea was to explore the market and attract new individuals, groups or small businesses to work in collaboration and support their growth ambitions.

After considerable time spent with universities, incubation hubs and local businesses, we had a great turnout of applications to the initial programme. We have since entered into to collaborative agreements with two successful applicants, one of which has received financial investment from Techmodal. 

Our Accelerator Programme looks for individuals or companies who already have a bright idea that is yet to be developed. The challenge is then finding the right fit for our business. What’s needed is a mix of personal perspective, business knowledge and the right experts in the room to move an idea forward onto the route of success.  

In his blog post with Insider Media, Sam Holwell explains how the key to business success is underpinned by the ability to innovate, reworking what has already been establish with a renewed focus on the delivery. Take a look at the article or visit our accelerator page and perhaps you might be inspired to apply.