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South coast summit hackathon review

Over the weekend, Gareth and Oli attended the South Coast Summit (SCS) Hackathon at the Ageas Bowl, Southampton. The theme of the Hackathon was “on the go” in NHS. They were all given examples of potential hacks to fit within this theme and also reminded that sometimes the best app is no app and to keep that in mind when designing.

The organisers split +100 people into +15 teams with ‘PowerAddicts’ and NHS employees.

Oli worked in a team of 5 ‘Power Addicts’, and they focused on the challenge of coordinating Porters moving items around a hospital. They produced a concept called ‘Uber 4 Porters’ centred around Porters looking for the next available job rather than being directed by the Dispatcher.

Gareth worked in a team of 4 (2 ‘Power Addicts’ and 2 NHS staff members). The NHS staff members drove the focus of the hack, using their experience and knowledge. They explained the pains of disjointed systems across the NHS. With this in mind, the team focused on one area, ‘patient inspections’. The task was to create an easier and more efficient way to diagnose patients, alert medical staff with updates and track patients to the bed they are using, all within one application.

It was safe to say all the teams got lost in the excitement of the hack, meaning time rapidly flew by (and even some time was stolen by other groups)! Kudos to the organiser for creating a fun and social environment for the hack that connected the community. After the Hackathon, they joined an Oktoberfest party featuring a live oompah band!

The next day, they attended a series of sessions on Power Platform. It was fantastic to hear others pushing the Power Platform, such as a Power Pages solution designed for 47 million users and sharing their experiences/gems! Another highlight was chatting with the Vice President for Power Apps at Microsoft, Ryan Cunningham, about the latest Microsoft releases and our recent work at Techmodal.

It was their first time attending the SCS, and both Gareth and Oli found it a great way to meet others passionate about the Power Platform! As well as sharing their knowledge and ideas, they learned new ideas and practices for designing solutions within the Power Platform that they shared with our Power Platform team!

Thanks to the organisers for making a fantastic inclusive event, and we look forward to attending the next one!

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Oli Hampden-Martin
Senior Consultant

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