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Techmodal grows workforce by 30% since BAE Systems acquisition

It has been an extraordinary few months since our acquisition by BAE Systems. We have begun to expand our capability offering internationally, advance our technologies and grow our workforce by an incredible 30%. That means an additional 50 brilliant data minds have been brought in to innovate and break new ground in their chosen capabilities: from Consulting to Data Science.

We believe that by giving employees the freedom to experiment and develop their talent they not only thrive as individuals but helps our business to move forward and stay at the forefront of data driven solutions. Sarah Trevelion, our Head of People, has spear headed the search for new talent over the last six months:

“We have been through an incredible period of growth during the last 6 months and the strength and volume of applicants has been amazing. Recruiting during a pandemic was always going to be challenging, but it has actually allowed us to refresh our processes and increase the pace of our recruitment journey. In some cases, we have gone from placing an advert to making multiple offers in 3 days, which is incredibly exciting. In uncertain times, the need for data analytics is ever increasing, especially in the Defence sector and I look forward to seeing how many more great hires we can make over the coming months.”

Despite the recent intake of new recruits there is no shortage of opportunities within the business. We have recently released an abundance of new roles due to the ongoing business demand and plan to advertise more in the coming weeks. This increased intake is not only testament to the ongoing demand for data driven solutions, but also to our internal company culture and values. Andrew Lloyd, our Director, is one of the biggest advocates on ensuring our company values are woven through our work, people and communications:

“It has been great to see our business continue its growth journey since our acquisition into the BAE Systems business. Bringing in high calibre people across our capabilities and watching the team support one another, whilst ensuring our values and culture remain in place with so many new faces. Having such a supporting parent company has been fantastic for us to continue our growth journey and that will continue throughout 2021.”

We’re also proud of our ‘small company’ culture. Despite being part of a much larger entity, we operate independently, and it is important to us that we retain the company culture that enabled us to get where we are today. To help instil this across the business we hold regular company socials and our current employees to use these to help welcome new starters into the fold; we’ve recently held our very first online ‘Techmodal Fair’. This brought the whole business together for online games and socialising despite being unable to meet in person.

We’re looking forward to welcoming more new recruits into Techmodal in the coming weeks. Take a look at our live roles to see if you could be our next brilliant mind.

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