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Investing in your people is investing in your business

As we descend into Autumn careers fair season to meet our next cohort of talent our Head of People, Sarah Trevelion, chats to Insider Media about why it’s our people that drive our business, and the importance of investing in them.

It’s nearly time for the Autumn careers fair boom. In little over a month we will be making our way to a number of university fairs across the South West, talking to students about the benefits of joining Techmodal, offering expert advice on what the company does and how, where and why it does it. Students can discover routes into the industry, and tips for standing out amongst a sea of applicants. Graduate fairs are not interviews; they are an opportunity for the student to create a good impression and for the company representatives to sell the business idea. But with so many opportunities available, how do you stand out as an employer of choice?

Many factors contribute to being successful in business. Having a sound strategy, having a marketable product or service, and having efficient processes are all significant. However, it falls to the people within the organisation to execute the strategies, plans and processes to make a business successful. Your employees are your company, they should be listened to and taken seriously. It is one thing saying ‘our people are the most important part of our business’; it is entirely another actually showing it.

Over the past year we have successfully grown the business by 30%. Our expert data scientists are the backbone of Techmodal and a major factor in our success has been the ability to attract and retain great people. Our people are the lifeblood of the company, they make us who we are. We value pastoral care just as much as professional development. There is no one size fits all here, everyone is different. It’s not about being perfect, it’s about having the willingness to learn and an awareness of where you want to develop. Everyone works better when they are enjoying what they do.

Joining a new business is not just about the job you will be doing, it’s about the culture you will become part of. We have a fantastic small business culture and encourage everyone to socialise and share their hobbies and interests. The teams regularly organise film nights, games tournaments and even kayaking sessions. The extracurricular activities are what bring people together. We’re now at just over 100 people based in our Queen Square HQ, but we are not stopping there. We will continue to grow alongside our client base, and it doesn’t look like our expansion is due to slow down any time soon.  

Techmodal began as a two-person passion project to provide clients with data-driven decision support. We may have grown, but the passion to deliver great work remains within every single person that works for us. We’re excited to see what the future holds and look forward to meeting our next cohort of talent at the autumn careers fairs. Investing in your people is investing in your business.

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