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Meet Liam, Business Transformation Analyst

Hi, my name is Liam, and I am an analyst here at Techmodal within the Business Transformation capability. As December 2021 is my 1-year anniversary since joining the company, what better time to reflect on the experience of joining Techmodal as a graduate.    


Why did you want to join Techmodal?

One of the values that really attracted me to the company was Techmodal’s culture. Techmodal invests in its employee’s and focuses on creating a good work-life balance, something that has been extremely valuable to me throughout lockdown and having the ability to flex my working hours. Techmodal really emphasises that life isn’t all about work, the social side of Techmodal is one of the things that brings people together through project nights out, capability events and the generous annual leave with the opportunity to buy an extra 5 days annual and your birthday day off which has allowed me to have more time outside of work to enjoy the things that I like doing.

Additionally, one of the other things that attracted me to the company was the opportunity for graduates to tailor their own development. There is always something new to learn here, the support from your line manager, capability, and wider team is excellent. It means that you can constantly push yourself and structure a development plan that is based on your interests and what you find enjoyable. Techmodal offers the investment and flexibility for new graduates to shape their own path and become the person you want to be.

Tell us about the projects that you have been involved with since joining Techmodal?

One of the most notable projects I have been involved in is ‘CSG21’, supporting the Royal Navy’s Carrier Strike Group with Fleet sustainment through predictive maintenance. The outcome of this project delivered a Power BI dashboard that combined complex datasets to enable deeper insight into the critical systems which will result in fewer equipment failures across the task group.

My role started as project support where I was directly supporting the project manager with delivery of the project. As I grew into the role, so did my responsibility and I eventually became the project manager. Something that struck me as a graduate and new starter, was the amount of opportunity and responsibility that Techmodal offers to new analysts which has been extremely valuable to my long-term personal development and growth within the company. Techmodal doesn’t see your grade as a blocker which holds you back, they reward employees who are motivated and want to push themselves through trust and investing in your development.

When thinking about your future career here, what are you most looking forward to?

For the future, I am looking forward to the opportunities that will open to me as I grow my skillset and develop professionally. Additionally, I am excited to watch the company grow, supported by BAE Systems, into the new markets with the opportunity this partnership creates not just in the UK, but globally.


Liam Francis
Business Transformation Analyst

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