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Brownie Pack Holiday

On a hot weekend in early July after a long week wargaming, I decided it was a great idea to take 18 girls (ages 7-9) away on a Brownie Pack Holiday. We had an action-packed weekend of games, crafts and adventuring from the moment the girls arrived at the site. Staying in an old Victorian school we had a nice outdoor area which came in handy for the giant water fight, a tradition on my Brownie pack holidays, this year featuring a grand total of 4000 water balloons.  Other highlights included a campfire with marshmallows and painting jungle themed plant pots where the girls then planted spider plants, most of which are still growing, and I get sent photos of the girls proudly holding their new plant pets!

It was a difficult year to take kids away, it was everyone’s first time on Pack Holiday and for many it was the first stay away from home post covid lockdowns. There were a few homesick chocolates given out and after more bags of popcorn some sleep was had by all. Waking up on Sunday, us adults like zombies and the girls not far behind, it had all been worthwhile when anxious parents were met with smiling girls rushing to tell them all about the fun we had.

Using my volunteering day was really simple and great fun, it allowed me to organise and run a very fun and enjoyable weekend away for the Brownies. The impact on the girls faces from arriving shy to leaving confident (and full of sugar) was brilliant. 


Jess Tolliday
Senior Consultant

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