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Whitepaper: how to Navigate the structural challenges in Defence

Between 2011 and 2015, Defence absorbed and began to deliver on the reform programme recommended by Lord Levene in his 2011 report into the structure and management of the MOD. Essentially, Levene thought that the elements of Defence responsible for delivering outputs – largely the Front-Line Commands – should own the budgets which supported those outputs, rather than having to negotiate resources with the Centre. He saw this as aligning budgetary and delivery responsibility, but it opens the door to some undesirable effects.

Throughout the ongoing refresh of the Integrated Review as a result of significant changes to the domestic and international landscape, understanding and successfully navigating these challenges is key to successful outcomes. This is true both for single service chiefs to robustly maintain and improve capability, and for MOD centre decision makers to properly hold service chiefs to account. 

Download the latest whitepaper from our Account Director, David Cato, to discover  how to navigate those challenges to ensure vital single service capability is given the best chance of receiving requisite government funding.


  •  What ‘readiness’ should really mean
  •  How wargaming can help drive investment
  • Why long-term financial planning is key
  •  Why it’s beneficial to challenge the rules
About the author

Dave Cato is Account Director for Defence Support at Techmodal, overseeing a broad portfolio of consulting and analytics programmes into UK MOD. He has 16+ years experience in UK MOD leading Operational Analysis teams providing decision support insights to Logistics and Support challenges at the highest levels of UK MOD and industry partners. He has designed, developed and deployed a range complex models in support of capability balance of investment decisions, and deployed on overseas exercises providing over the shoulder analytics support. 

download the whitepaper

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