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Techmodal VERITAS
Predictive data science
for military planning
01 / digital twin and ai in action

For almost a decade we have been ensuring that the British Army can always rely on the vehicles, helicopters and equipment needed for operations with our VERITAS team. 

Techmodal VERITAS is a set of applications that enable effective planning. These capabilities are enabled by a flexible integration platform to map to any data sources, and unique AI that emulates comparable in-service equipment when there is no reliable data history.

The system integrates operational plans, component performance data and spares forecasts through a digital twin system, enabling you to redefine the planning and delivery of in-service support for military equipment.


02 advanced technologies
data-driven insight

Combines military logistics, engineering data and military logic

top-level security

Accredited for secure military systems security to protect confidential data

Data integration

Cloud based exploitation of multiple data sources

open source

Always use the best data science

03 / Features

Dynamic capabilities designed to tap into the power of your data.

military campaign

Represent all force elements and policy assumptions

digital twin

A digital version of a vehicle or helicopter down to every single component


Know what spares you need and what you need to buy


Manage demand and plan stockpiles

easy to understand

Straightforward explanations of processing logic, and lineage of results back to source data

finance & budgets

Know how much everything is going to cost


In an exclusive interview with Techmodal, General Jaques tells us how VERITAS has helped the Defence Equipment & Support Team and why he recommends it for any organisation looking to identify cost savings and improve efficiency.  

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