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Techmodal Public Health Management App
01 / variant detection

The Covid-19 Monitoring & Outbreak system has been designed by Techmodal as a means of mitigating the lack of understanding and awareness relating to the transmission of new Covid-19 variants.

The Covid-19 Monitoring & Outbreak System is able to identify and predict rare or unusual data points in the results obtained from the genomic processing of PCR test results. By identifying anomalies and clustering similar data points, Techmodals Covid-19 Monitoring & Outbreak System enables a deeper situational awareness of existing strains of the virus and identifies the possible immergence of new strains within geographical areas.


02 / understanding viral behaviours

The Covid-19 Monitoring & Outbreak system possesses the ability to understand the inter-relationships and dependencies existing between various independent variables that relate to the transmission Covid-19. The tool assess any relationships existing between transmission of various viral mutations and the following:

vaccination status
vaccination type
03 / outbreak prediction

The ability to predict and identify the location or sector of society most at risk from virous variants of the Covid-19 virus will aid in mitigating outbreaks. 

Using Artificial Intelligence, the Covid-19 Monitoring & Outbreak System will be able to assess the infectiousness of various viral strains, as well as identifying key sectors of society most at risk, and be able to predict where outbreaks will most likely occur in the near future.

Such technology will inform decision making in a timely and effective manner, to allow for mitigative action.

04 / key features
Real time analysis

Real time analysis and identification of potential variants

Outbreak prediction

The ability to predict outbreaks in various geographical locations

Monitor Changes

A tool to monitor changes in gene behaviours

open source

An in-depth understanding of the effects of different variants upon demographics and locations



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