We enabled the MOD to better understand the skills and volume of people to deliver & maintain people analytics across Defence.

We worked with multiple stakeholders across Defence to build an understanding of the personnel data landscape, the skills required by people to make use of this and the services needed in an operating model.

We worked with PA Consulting and McKinsey on the Defence Transformation People Data & Analytics workstream for the MOD.

Henry Monelle, Project Manager

The Goal

We needed to show the capability of ‘Whole Force’ people data within MOD

We helped MOD Centre to understand the benefits of integrated data sets and enterprise-level applications. Using the data they were able to view the required skills and volume of people to deliver, manage and maintain people analytics services across Defence.

Long-term outcome

Our work will help achieve a sustainable solution to the personnel area of the MOD

Alongside this work, we engaged with ISS and the data owners to establish a pathway to a sustainable people function, and data and analytics solution that aligns with the Defence IT Strategy and NSoIT.