Supply chain and operations


We delivered materiel forecasting to sustain activity, improve platform availability and monitor the performance

With an increasing need for efficiency the Army needed to harness and exploit its vast, varied and siloed data. This was critical to support decision making on training, operations and equipment planning.

VERITAS has enabled us to improve the accuracy of the activity forecast for DE&S, saving time and resource.

Linda Hoadley, A&RP Team Lead

The Goal

We needed to deliver a fully costed activity plan

A single tool set for planning, forecasting, cost analysis and performance monitoring. Our work has delivered over £8.5m cost savings and has made Army HQ the only Front Line Command to deliver a fully costed activity plan in partnership with DE&S.

Long-term outcome

We provided the MOD with unparalleled insight into supply chain planning

VERITAS has transformed business planning processes and encourages a culture of transparency. This enables evidence-based decision making through granular understanding of cost bases, and has improved data quality, consistency and planning accuracy across operations, training, equipment and logistics.