Condition monitoring


We delivered a sustainable analytics capability for AJAX HUMS data

General Dynamics’ delivery of the AJAX platform to the MOD required that the health and usage data generated by vehicles could be analysed to better understand utilisation and reliability. At the time there was no means of performing enhanced, sustainable data analytics or visualisation at enterprise level.

HEART has set the tone for future platforms being assessed by the British Army

John Dunn, Project Manager

The Goal

We needed to develop a tool set that could analyse data from 600 vehicles

We have delivered a granular, accessible analytics capability for General Dynamics, making AJAX the trailblazer British Army platform in exploiting HUMS analytics as part of In Service Support

Long-term outcome

We provided the ability to exploit previously inaccessible vehicle data

HEART was designed, developed and delivered onto secure infrastructure in just six months. It has enabled General Dynamics and the MOD to have a clear view on how vehicles are being used, identify areas of concern and support decision making on platform availability, reliability growth and support contracts.