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Cost Modelling

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Our cost modelling service has developed an impressive reputation.

All our modellers are trained in our proven methodologies, bespoke model design patterns and unique philosophy, which arm them with the knowledge and skill set to produce effective and sustainable solutions.

Financial analysis

As well as being talented modellers, our team benefits from significant financial expertise; their combined skill set ensures we produce reputable cost and risk assessments.

We have identified cost drivers across £3.8 billion of spend and financial benefits for a large transformation programme in the Defence sector.

We’ve also identified potential savings across a portfolio of projects using a set of financial rules that allow the prioritisation of forecasted spend.

Business modelling

By leveraging our business understanding we can diagnose a customer’s challenge and select the correct technology or methodology to assess the data.

We are then able to rapidly develop a prototype to demonstrate the shape of the solution. Building on the prototype we can quickly industrialise the model into a product by using re-usable components from previous software solutions to reduce development time. Some of our solutions include

  • A strategic planning tool allowing military forces to calculate the amount of stock in terms of volume and cost required to deploy operations to inform judgments on risk and mitigation measures.
  • The development of a multi-dimensional scenario modelling tool using high volumes of personnel data to identify options in the delivery of a capable, credible and continuously available workforce.

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