Techmodal absolutely delivered above and beyond what we ever expected and we’re hugely thankful to them for their support. Great fun to work with as well!

Fiona Oliver, Director of Development & Marketing, Wiltshire Community Foundation


We understand that it’s not just large infrastructure organisations that need our help; small, local businesses within our community also need our expertise to help improve their processes and get more from their data. 

We offered to work with the Wiltshire Community Foundation (WCF), an independent charity that gives grants and funding to the voluntary sector and charities across the Wiltshire region, on a pro bono basis to help stream line their financial reporting process.

In the space of two months our dedicated Analyst, Ollie Dixon, and Project Manager, Conor Saxon, produced an automated analysis tool that could provide the key financial information WCF needed within seconds. 

The Challenge

A key component of any charitable organisation is the ability to report on current finances. WCF had a financial reporting process however, this involved the Finance and Operations Director having to collate the relevant information from a few disparate sources; a process that was taking up to a week every month.

It was clear that WCF needed to stream line their financial reporting process, and with our experience successfully completing projects exactly like this for customers such as the MOD and the Royal Navy, we knew that we had the expertise to help. 

The Solution

One of our junior developers, Conor Saxon, led the project alongside Ollie Dixon, one of our Analysts. Together they developed a tool to automate the WCF financial pipeline reporting process every quarter. 

The team initially created a tool in Excel that automatically imported WCF data every quarter, displaying the results with a few graphic visuals for ease of reference. We then introduced a complete visual dashboard via Power BI that allowed WCF to segment the data visually and customise the dashboard according to the information they needed.

The Result

The implementation of the new pipeline reporting tool not only gives WCF information they previously would not have sight of, but has saved them significant time and resource when reporting every quarter.

We’re proud of the work we have done for WCF and look forward to our next pro bono project!