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From dashboards to enduring enterprise software systems.

Tailored Data Solutions

Techmodal provide an array of digital solutions that exploit our ability to organise and then master your data and embed our insights into your enterprise.

We specialise in rapidly delivering software capability into the heart of your operation with proven examples of shortening labour intensive activities that take days or weeks to complete to a matter of a few keystrokes and only milliseconds of processing.

Our solutions range from dashboards to full enterprise software systems and have solved problems as diverse as forecasting consumption of ammunition, vehicle health and usage monitoring to using machine learning for career management applications that match people to specialised roles within a cohort of tens of thousands of staff.

We pride ourselves in our consultative approach to system development often offering solutions that rapidly create efficiency by improving the usability of  large, monolithic information systems by harnessing and fusing their data to provide genuinely meaningful information.


We have worked in the Defence sector for as long as we have existed as a business. Our experience working with Army HQ, Royal Navy HQ, Joint Force Command, MoD and DE&S has seen us develop innovative solutions that can identify millions of pounds worth of savings and enabled digital transformation. Our reputation within the Defence sector has ensured our status as a trusted partner for over 20 years.



We regularly work with some of the world’s largest defence prime contractors such as General Dynamics, BAE Systems and Rolls Royce as a specialist partner to provide innovative logistics and inventory solutions, and vehicle health monitoring applications. Our success within the defence sector has seen us begin to broaden our reach to address similar challenges in other domains including utilities and rail.


As well as supplying the MOD with expert cost modellers, operating models and people analytics we also work across other government departments including the Office of National Statistics and the Crown Commercial Service. We are able to deliver our services via a number of government frameworks including G-Cloud.

Why we are different

We’re not your usual consultancy; we’re full of young, dynamic people who are at the cutting edge of technical innovation.Our years of experience within the sectors we work in, combined with our small business mindset means that we’re more agile than other consultancies and able to work faster to get the job done. We have proved that it’s possible to progress from initial question framing to a production tool on customer infrastructure in as little as six weeks.

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