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08 Sep: Data Science – Unleashing the power of the Army’s data

Data Science has the potential to revolutionise the Land Domain as it is already doing in the commercial world. This potential is currently at the forefront of the British Army’s thinking as it looks to develop the THEIA programme to drive digital transformation in the British Army. As the analytic capabilities of commercial businesses improve, they derive increasing value from diagnostics through predictions to optimisation and semantic understanding of social context and meaning1.  These capabilities give a competitive edge and are rapidly becoming critical for differentiation2.   

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26 Aug: 3 ways Techmodal has applied Data Science to support Defence Digital Transformation

Since becoming part of BAE Systems, we’ve been hard at work developing our Data Science capabilities and taking our ideas even further. It has been a year since the acquisition, and we feel it is time to share more about the capabilities that are evolving, from those that are leading the charge. In this article, Tom Fowler, Techmodal’s Data Science capability lead, provides examples of how Data Science has been used to great effect as an enabler for the Defence customer.

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18 Aug: How Techmodal saved the British Army £65m in cost savings

Techmodal’s DEVELO product suite has enabled the UK’s Army Headquarters to accurately analyse and make informed decisions against short-and long-term inventory plans as part of the VERITAS programme; leading to significant cost savings for the major stakeholders. With DEVELO now available to international customers, this case study is expanded on in the recent InfoDefensa publication special on the Spanish Future Logistics Base, read the English version below.